In the year 2017, one of our deacons; William Adzraku had a vivid dream of a place he believed the Lord was leading him to send the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. After further consultations and prayers, he identified the place he saw in his dream to be a village closer to the Volta Lake and its neighboring communities in the northern part of the then Volta Region, but now the Oti Region of Ghana. He shared his dream with the leadership of the church and with the church’s support, embarked on a series of visits to Dambai which happens to be the capital town of the Oti Region and its neighboring communities, to lay the groundwork for a new mission field. A visit was also made to the chief of Dambai Nana Kwaku Beyennor II to share the dream with him. He welcomed CLCC into his land, gave us permission to proceed with our evangelistic work, and promised us his support. To the glory of God, CLCC church can confirm having a very cordial relationship with the chief of Dambai. The team that embarked on the first visit to Dambai to conduct the groundwork was made up of Deacon William Adzraku, Deacon Clement Asiamah all of CLCC, and Bro. Nii Manko Yeboah (a.k.a Emma) and Benjamin our representative at Dambai.

Evangelistic Crusades and Church Planting

After the trip to Dambai and its environs for groundwork in the year 2017, a series of evangelistic crusades were embarked on in the year 2018 and 2019 in communities such as Mekpekope, Kwame Akura, and Yariga No.1 & 2 respectively. In 2018, with support from CLCC and other partners, a team made up of Deacon William Adzraku, Deacon Clement Asiamah, and Bro. Emmanuel Sefah, Deacon Emmanuel Kumah, Deacon Herbert Aryee, and Bro. Benjamin our representative and his team conducted a series of evangelistic outreaches at Mekpekope and Kwame Akura. Souls won were counseled and encouraged to join the already existing Bible-believing churches in the respective towns.

In September 2018, another evangelistic mission trip was embarked on to follow up on the work done earlier in the same year at Mekpekope and Kwame Akura. The September team was made up of Deacon William Adzraku, Deacon Clement Asiamah, and Bro. Mawuyram Osei, Bro. John Amartey and Deacon Kumah. The purpose of the second evangelistic outreach in September 2019 was to follow up on the previous crusades and to consolidate the work at Mekpekope and Kwame Akura. Evangelistic crusades were held at Mekpekope, Kwame Akura, Yariga No. 1, and Yariga No.2. This time round, the team decided to gather the souls won at Kwame Akura and both Yariga No.1 & 2 and nurture them. Church services were conducted for them and they were left in the care of Brother Benjamin Asiedu, our representative at Dambai.

In March 2019, another mission trip was made to Dambai to follow up on the churches and to initiate the preparation of documents covering five acres of land purchased by CLCC from the chief and elders of Dambai. This team was made up of Mr. John Amartey who is a surveyor, Deacon William Adzraku, Deacon Isaac Antwi, and Deacon Clement Asiamah. Later in September 2019, a team including Deacon Prince Achampong, Deacon William Adzraku, and Mr.John Amartey made another trip to Dambai to follow up on the churches and to conduct crusades at Mekpekope, Kwame Akura, and Dambai.


Currently, three branches of Christ Love Community churches have been planted in the Oti region. The churches are located at Dambai, Kwame Akura, and Yariga No.2. In addition to the three churches, there is a Child Evangelism Fellowship at Yariga No. 2.

Bro. Benjamin Asiedu is the leader of the Dambai church and oversees the other two churches at Kwame Akura and Yariga no.2. He is assisted by Bro. Solomon Atta. The Dambai church was set up in 2020 and has an adult membership of 20 and over 30 children. The church at Kwame Akura is led by Bro. Solomon Atta. Currently, there are nine adults; all the members are from the Yabran Community High School. The church at Yariga No. 2 is made up of people from Yariga Nos. 1 & 2. The adult membership is 25 with over 40 children.

We praise God for the seed that has been sown in these areas and for the progress of work.