The team left Accra with three main objectives.

  1. To train child evangelists and possibly establish child evangelistic fellowships in the various communities where Christ Love Community Church branches are established.
  2. To empower and possibly establish women fellowships in the Christ Love Community Church branches.
  3. To evangelize the communities using the Jesus film translated into the Konkomba language in the various communities.

Traveling to the north started at 9 am in Adenta after all missionaries came together at the church premises. We arrived at Dambai around 4:30 pm and crossed to the other side and arrived at Wulensi at 9:00 pm.

Sunday: We went to Kojoboni in the morning for church service and there was a film show in the evening.

Monday: The team was divided into two groups, one group went to Jatido and Kojoboni for women’s and children’s education

In the morning, training was done for the women and children in Jatido from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm then, training was done for women and children at Kojoboni from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm and then back to Jatido for the evening film show. The second group went to Chamba for the children’s service training which also started from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

We came to the Guest house at 11:20 pm to sleep.

Tuesday: The whole team went to Chamba for the training of children teachers. The lesson started at 10 am, the break was at 12:00 pm and the training continued from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. After that, the team went to Abotareye for the film show from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Wednesday: The team arrived at Chamba around 9:30 am from Wulensi and the training section for the children teachers started around 9:45 am and continued to 11:45 am. There was a break for one (1) hour. From 12:45 pm. There was intensive training for the children’s teachers till 5:00 pm, after which the team went to Abotareye and Monchuani. Two women from the team were dropped off at Abotareye on our way to Monchuani and they gave the women at Abotareye some education on how to keep the home, sex, and child birth control etc.

They started at 7:20 pm and continued till 10:00 pm. The rest of the team went to Monchuani for the film show which started at 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. From Abotareye around 10:45 pm the team arrived at Wulensi at 11:45 pm and rested for the day.

Thursday: As usual, the team went to Chamba from Wulensi for the training of children teachers. The classes started at 9:30 am to 12:00 midday and they had a break for an hour. The second lesson continued from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Pastor Emmanuel Nartey, Pastor Edem Addo-Sunu, Mrs. Aba Amoah- Bamfo, Deacon Ocansey, Bernard, and myself (Rev. Emmanuel Narh) went to Bimbila to see the D.C.E. He was absent but we were able to talk to his assistant (District Coordinator). We discussed all matters regarding Faith in Humanity, the NGO that wanted to dig wells and provide water in our mission fields.  He assured us that the Assembly will be ready to meet the Personnel of Faith in Humanity whenever they come.

From there, we traveled back to Chamba and on our way, we branched to Abotareye to see the elders and discuss with the community the visit of Faith in Humanity in January 2020, their intended water project, and the acquisition of land.

The community leader was grateful. He then took us to the land site to show us the land. The land he showed us will be about 5 acres.

We went back to Chamba where the children’s teachers were being taught. In the evening we went back to Monkwado around 10:30 pm and arrived at Wulensi at 11:45 pm to rest.

Friday: The team left Wulensi at 8:45 am to Chamba and arrived at 9:30 am. Pastor Emmanuel Nartey, Erasmus, and Emmanuel were left at the training center which happened to double as a church auditorium. We went to Monkwado with Bernard, Mrs. Aba Amoah Bamfo, and Pastor Edem Addo-Sunu for women’s and children’s education.

In the evening while there was a film show at Chamba where Bernard had been organizing some prayer meetings, Pastor Edem, Eric, and myself (Rev. Emmanuel Narh) went to Monchuani to engage the elderly women, children, and the young men and young women. Pastor Edem engaged the elderly women whilst I also took charge of the children, young men, and young women. A coordinator, Eric Bayekinang was selected for the Child Evangelism Fellowship after the Friday service. We came back to Chamba to pick up the rest of the team to Wulensi at 11:00 pm.

Saturday: Pastor Narh, Bernard, and myself went back to Abotareye for more discussions with the community leaders on the Land issues.

CONCLUSIONThis is the end of our trip to the Northern part of Ghana in January 2020. God bless anyone who joined and contributed to our outreach in the Northern Region.